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Ask the Blaster

Along with providing news and amusing intimate anecdotes, we would like to offer to those who attend our concerts and visit our website a chance to put forth any questions they may have to us, collectively or individually. Brass players can direct their question(s) to any one of our members or make general inquiries. A student may want advice on how to pursue a career in music. We will do our best to help music lovers of all ages gain insights into how things work on various levels of the music industry. The variety of talent in the group is significant; we have tech-savvy-types, teachers, composers, arrangers, conductors and, of course, performers, all of whom have years of professional experience in styles of music and groups from philharmonic-size orchestras (ancient to contemporary classical) to jazz and rock in chamber ensembles (jazz combos, trios, quintets, solos recitals) and larger ensembles (wind ensembles jazz big bands, dance bands, salsa bands, etc..). We can also help musicians network and connect with others in the industry for their personal advancement. The idea here is one of mutual interest and benefit. We’re very happy if people benefit from hearing our live performances, listening to our CDs and Youtube broadcasts and receiving the help and advice they seek through our website. In turn we hope that they will want to spread the good word about all that we have to offer and come to our concerts.

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