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Parkdale Church Update

The fire was small in size but could have been much worse. The time of day it occurred worked in the group’s favour because it gave them time to notify as many people as they could, come up with an alternative date (no easy feat given the number of musicians involved) and re-book the church.

The hydro and natural gas was turned off in the church when a few members of the group arrived to see what was going on in the morning. There was no telling when the utilities would be turned back on. The Sanctuary, although undamaged, had a very strong smell of smoke which would not have been cleared away in time for a concert, even if the light and heat were turned on.

No instruments or music was damaged, thank God! Everything had been left in the Sanctuary after yesterday’s two rehearsals in preparation for today’s dress rehearsal and concert.

Here are a few pictures of this morning’s event: